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24/7 gym access comes to Frackville

Great new location at the lower level of the borough building in town

We WON’T Disappoint.


570 – 874 – 1768

Questions and job inquiries/resumes can be sent to

Check us out on:

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We’re Live 24/7 access at Frackville Fitness Center!

FINALLY, we’re ready to go 24 hour access! Thank you to everyone for your patience. This is a long post, but if you are a member, please read the below in its entirety.

We are now a 24/7 access gym. We will unlock the door during day staffed hours for another week or two until most people receive their key fobs. Even though the door will be unlocked, use your key card and swipe it over the gray box located to the left side of the door. This is how you will check in, and in the future, unlock the door. Swipe even if the door is propped open. If the door is locked, swipe your key fob, wait for the 2-3 second delay, and once you hear the click, open the door and come on in.

In the future, the door will remain closed and locked, even during staffed hours. If you are a visitor interested in touring and joining the gym, please call ahead to schedule an appointment to make sure staff will be available. Once you get to the gym, ring the bell (not installed but will be within a week), and a staff member will come out to greet you.

Here’s how this works:

We have a key fob system to allow people access to the center and to check people in. Each key is unique to an individual member (or family). You are responsible for who uses your key. If you give it to someone else, you risk having your membership suspended. If someone gains access with your key and causes damage or is involved in theft, YOU will be held responsible.

We use closed circuit television monitoring and recording for the purposes of safety and security (in common area). The door access system is date and time stamped and so is the monitoring system. If there are any problems during un-staffed hours (non-member access, theft, damage, etc.), we will review both systems to determine who was in the facility. Also, leaving the facility through any other doors other than the front door will be seen as trespassing on borough property. Additionally, the police department is located on the second level and access to the building outside of the fitness center outside of borough business hours will not be tolerated.

For those using the gym at night, the lights will be off if no one is inside. That’s OK, swipe your key, come on in, and the motion sensors will turn lights on in whatever area you walk into, and they will remain on as long as there is motion in the room. Once you leave an area, the lights will turn off after several minutes of no motion.

PLEASE, if you are in at night and you turn ON the TV, turn OFF the TV when finished. Thanks!

The following will be posted on the front door, but please review our policies below regarding 24/7 access and our door access system.



Everyone must swipe their key card at the box located to the left of the door (even if door is propped open or unlocked).

If you are not a member, your membership has expired, or your key card does not grant you access, please call us at 570-874-1768. We will set up an appointment to meet you here at the facility to provide a tour, sell or renew memberships, or correct your key access problem. If during staffed hours (listed on door), try ringing bell once. If no answer, call our number. Even though staff may be present, we may be busy helping members.


If you are not a member and you are able to enter the facility, please report to a staff member immediately. If none is present, leave the facility promptly and call our number.

If you wish to attend our classes as a non-member, you will need to obtain a key card for check in purposes and swipe in like everyone else.

Members allowing entry to non-members will have their membership suspended for 30 days (without refund). All tours and visitors passes must be processed by our staff.


We monitor access to the facility and will investigate all improper entries.

Thank you,
FFC Management

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Current classes and programs offered at Frackville Fitness Center

To see the basic calender of classes, click here.

*this is the most up to date and accurate schedule that includes cancellations and time changes.

Hello all!

We just wanted to provide an update to everyone regarding our programs and classes at Frackville Fitness Center (new location @ the borough building in town!).

First, we are offering several FREE classes for our members.  For those that are not members, call to ask about our day rate.  For that fee, you can come in and work out and take any classes offered that day. If you have never been to our facility or have taken a particular class, you can drop in for a free pass to try it out.  Please check our class schedule by clicking here (bookmark this page for future reference), and since circumstances sometimes causes a schedule change or class cancellation, check the schedule prior to coming in for a particular class. We try to post changes on Face Book, so “Like” our page for updates.

Our free for members/drop in classes are as follows:

(Note that not all are offered at all times, so check the calendar above for our current offerings)


Beginner – This class is for people who are new to yoga and even new to fitness in general! Through proper alignment and breathing techniques, we will achieve fundamental postures and poses at a slower but engaging pace to build strength, increase flexibility, and find both physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Intermediate/Advanced – This class will explore a wider and more challenging range of poses, but is still great for anyone who wants to deepen their flexibility and explore the capacities of their strengths! Modified poses that are a bit easier will be offered as an option along with more difficult poses, so this class will be helpful and accessible to people of various strength in various parts of their bodies. This class will push you a little harder, but expect to see results!

Zumba with Kristen K.
(from “The only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.” At the FFC, we have a wide range of abilities and fitness levels participate in our Zumba class. Prior dance experience is not necessary! We have many people that are first time Zumba participants and they do great. This is a great way to get a work out and have fun doing it.

Total Body Workout with Jamie B.
You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them. Total Body Workout will push you to your limits to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance using body weight exercises, resistance bands, and interval training.

Step Up to Strength with Janel H.
Grab Bag Monday: the class picks from bags of cardio, arms, abs, and legs and we do a cardio circuit for 4-5 minutes, strength for 3-4 minutes, abs for 2-3 minutes and I go for 3-4 minutes and keep rotating that way and the exercises all depend on what is picked out out from the bag. Cardio is more jumping jacks, high knees, some step, suicides, etc. Wednesday – same routine except the class will not pick from a bag – I will also include more step as part of cardio on Wednesday and less of the jumping jacks, etc.

Saturday Morning Sweat with Kristie A.

About 40-50 minutes of step (higher cardio) then about 20-30 minutes of weights (mostly arms but some legs/butt) and finish off with abs. May also incorporate some other cardio throughout the step songs (jumping jacks, kicks, burpees, etc.)

Cardio Crunch with Jamie B.
Forget boring crunches. By combining cardio intervals, stability work, and resistance training Cardio Crunch will focus on building a stronger core and a stronger you.

Machine Education with Kyla P.
If you want to learn to use the weight machines properly, then this is the class for you.

Thanks for reading, and please share this post with others that you know that may be interested in our fitness classes and programs!

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Photos of our new location

We have photos up on our Facebook page, but since not everyone uses Facebook, we thought we’d throw some pictures up here as well.

We are now located at the borough building in downtown Frackville, which was the town school at one time. It’s a great location as it allows people to walk or ride their bike to the gym. Also, it’s laid out well to provide separate areas for machine and cardio workouts, free weights and power lifting, and aerobics and dance workouts. The only area we don’t have a picture of is the aerobics/dance room, since that was still under construction at the time these photos were taken.

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BIG NEWS for Frackville Fitness Center

Frackville Fitness, new location, borough building, old school

You heard it here first (other than the rumors), Frackville Fitness Center is in for some major changes!

As we speak, the NEW LOCATION for Frackville Fitness Center is being prepped and our NEW EQUIPMENT will be delivered within a few weeks.

And if that’s not enough, WE ARE GOING 24/7 ACCESS!!!


We are moving into the lower level of the Frackville Borough Building (the old school). We will have over 3500 sq ft of gym space, laid out into several different areas. Area 1 is a large room that will contain all of our cardio equipment, weight machines, and lighter weight dumbbells. Area 2 will be our free weight and bench area with a rubberized floor. Area 3 is our aerobics/dance/free stretching room. Area 4 will contain our massage therapy and consultation room, along with our private office area. Each room will have independent sound systems, so that the weight lifters no longer have to hear the Zumba class music mixed in with their Rob Zombie!


Here’s a listing of our new “stuff”. We will add more machines/weights as needed and as membership grows. We will post an update with photos of the equipment at the new location once everything is in place.


Through an automated key FOB door access system and closed circuit cameras and DVR system, we will be offering 24/7 access to the gym. This is a great option for those that work odd hours, would like to get in very early workouts before people start coming in, get insomnia and feel the urge to pump some iron, etc.

Yeah, we weren’t sure about it either, but for the places that we visited that offer this, it has been working out great for people. We will have staff here during the day to help people. Don’t worry, Sharon, Janie, Ashley and the crew aren’t going anywhere. We will also still offer all of our aerobics classes and personal training.


Currently, we set a target opening date at the new location for September 1st. Until this time, nothing will change at our current location. Since we’re not moving the equipment, we will be able to remain open at the current location until the day we are able to open at the new location. There will be no lapse in access to the gym. If for some reason there is a lapse, we will compensate all of our members for the amount of time we are closed.

We decided to move in order to be closer to the community. We wanted people to be able to walk, jog, and bike to the gym. We wanted to offer newer equipment, a more appropriately laid out facility, and 24/7 access. We wanted to do all of this while being able to keep our affordable membership rates. This was difficult to achieve with the circumstances at our current location in the mall. We offer our gratitude to the Schuylkill Mall and this move in no way reflects on their management.

So, the secret is out! Please pass this along to your friends and family!

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Hurry! Memberships as low as $5.76 per week!

cheap gym membership, Frackville, Northern Schuylkill

Yes, you read that correctly. We are offering memberships as low as $5.76 per week!

Call the club today at 570-874-1768 to reserve your membership rate. We are offering this deal to the first 50 callers.

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