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24/7 gym access in town!

NOW OPEN!  Call 570 – 874 – 1768 for a tour!

Questions and job inquiries/resumes can be sent to

Check us out on:

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*24/7 access at Frackville Fitness Center!

FINALLY, 24/7 access in Frackville, Pa!

This is a long post, but if you are a member, please read the below in its entirety.

If you are a visitor interested in touring and joining the gym, please call ahead to schedule an appointment to make sure staff will be available. Once you get to the gym, call with your cell phone, and a staff member will come out to greet you.

Here’s how this works:

We have a key fob system to allow people access to the center and to check people in. Each key is unique. You are responsible for your key. If you give it to someone else, you risk having your membership suspended and/ or additional fees. If someone gains access with your key and causes damage or is involved in theft, YOU will be held responsible.

We use closed circuit television monitoring and recording for the purposes of safety and security (in common area). The door access system is date and time stamped and so is the monitoring system. If there are any problems during un-staffed hours (non-member access, theft, damage, etc.), we will review both systems to determine who was in the facility. Also, leaving the facility through any other doors other than the front door will be seen as trespassing on borough property. Additionally, the police department is located on the second level. Access to the building outside of the Fitness Center outside of borough business hours will not be tolerated.

For those using the gym at night, the lights will be off if no one is inside. That’s OK, swipe your key, come on in, and the motion sensors will turn lights on in whatever area you walk into, and they will remain on as long as there is motion in the room. Once you leave an area, the lights will turn off after several minutes of no motion.

PLEASE, if you are in at night and you turn ON the TV, turn OFF the TV when finished. Thanks!

The following will be posted on the front door, but please review our policies below regarding 24/7 access and our door access system.



Everyone must swipe their key card at the box located to the left of the door (even if door is propped open or unlocked).

If you are not a member, your membership has expired, or your key card does not grant you access, please call us at 570-874-1768. We will set up an appointment to meet you here at the facility to provide a tour, sell or renew memberships, or correct your key access problem. If during staffed hours (listed on door), call our number.


If you are not a member and you are able to enter the facility, please report to a staff member immediately. If none is present, leave the facility promptly and call our number.

If you wish to attend our classes as a non-member, you will need to obtain a key card for check in purposes and swipe in like everyone else.

Members allowing entry to non-members will have their membership suspended for 30 days (without refund). All tours and visitors passes must be processed by our staff.


We monitor access to the facility and will investigate all improper entries.

Thank you,
FFC Management

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*Frackville Fitness Center now accepting “Silver Sneakers” and “Silver & Fit”

   SilverSneakers_Logo1–                      "Silver and Fit" participating gym, Frackville, Schuylkill County

Frackville Fitness Center now accepts Silver Sneakers AND Silver & Fit!

Attention residents of Frackville and surrounding communities of northern Schuylkill County. Are you looking for a place to work out? Through your health insurance benefits, are you eligible for “Silver Sneakers” or “Silver and Fit”? If so, you can now use this benefit at Frackville Fitness Center here at 42 South Center St, Frackville.

Either call or stop in during office hours to sign up! Then, you can come in and workout as often as you’d like, with no out of pocket expenses. Your membership entitles you to all of the benefits of a regular membership at Frackville Fitness Center including ‘Forever Young’, our newest senior’s class! We also have a Personal Trainer on staff with discounted rates.

Just starting out? Has it been a long time since you worked out? Are those sneakers collecting dust in the corner? No problem. We have variable resistance circuit training equipment that is great for beginners or those just getting back into a fitness routine. These machines respond to the amount of force you apply, which minimizes the risk of injury or overdoing it. Stop by for a demonstration and to try it out for yourself.

Any other questions regarding this program? Give us a call at 570-874-1768.

We hope to see you soon! Don’t delay. Lace up your sneakers and get up and here and get started on a regular exercise routine. Your body will thank you 🙂

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Check us out on Facebook!

Just in case you haven’t checked out our Facebook page yet, click on the link above and check it out.

We are going to use that page to post information about classes and upcoming events, as well as ask for your thoughts on what we can offer and do to improve the center.

Our goal with Frackville Fitness Center is not just to simply offer a place to work out, but to offer a resource to Frackville and the northern Schuylkill region to help you reach your health related goals. Whether that’s to lose weight, improve your fitness, eat a better diet, have more energy, etc., we want to help you get there.

And it’s not only about what we can offer you. It’s a big help to be around others that share the same goals. Most people work out at the same times and attend the same classes, and it’s nice to get to meet people and help keep each other motivated.

If you’re not already a member, get on board with us and let us help you reach your goals.

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