Frackville Fitness Center


About FFC


WE HAVE 24/7 ACCESS, classes included, and tons of space!!!


Lower level of 42 South Center Street, Frackville, Pa. Entrance on Oak Street.

We have over 3500 sq ft of gym space, laid out into several workout areas. Area 1 is a large room that contains all of our cardio equipment and weight machines. Area 2 has a deadlift platform, ghd’s and chin up bars equipped with TRX systems. Areas 3 and 4 are the weight rooms. They have heavier dumbbells, weight/ squat racks and many benches for your own routines. Area 5 is our aerobics/dance/free stretching room. Area 6 is for private consults with our Personal Trainers or Nutrition Specialist, as well as the business office. Each room has free WiFi and independent sound systems, so that the weight lifters no longer have to hear the Zumba class music in with their Rob Zombie!


Through an automated key FOB door system, closed circuit cameras and DVR system, we offer 24/7 member access to the gym. This is a great option for those working odd hours, who like to get in very early workouts, or get insomnia and feel the urge to burn off some stress!