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Group Classes

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Most group classes are included FREE in our memberships.

Not a member? Call to ask about our pricing options!

Schedule changes are posted on Facebook, so “Like” our page for updates.


Most group classes are included FREE in our memberships.

Not a member? Call to ask about our pricing options!

Schedule changes are posted on Facebook, so “Like” our page for updates.


Class descriptions:


30 Minute Stretch w/ Jolene:

Recenter your mind and stretch those muscles. This 30 minute stretch & relaxation is the perfect addition to any lifestyle. First thing on a Monday morning, were else would you rather be?

Refocus Fitness w/ Jolene:

Are you one of the many who are intimidated by parts of the gym? Do you tell yourself, “I can’t do that” before you even tried? This class is perfect FOR YOU! Together, we break those barriers, tear down those walls, and create a stronger, more confident you. You will be saying, “Wow! I had no idea I could do that!” It only takes 30 minutes to start seeing that YOU CAN, and we will help.

Tabata – Cardio w/ Janel

Ditch the yoga pants and fit into those jeans! This 30 minute cardio Tabata is right for you! You will reach your max cardio for 40 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds. Using a combination of equipment and exercises, you will be burning major calories in a fun but fast workout! Join us on Monday’s at 4:30 to see the new you!

Tabata – Core w/ Janel

Target that trouble spot! Tabata Core utilizes weights and exercises for a 30 minute core workout you’ll be glad you squeezed in! 40 seconds to burn, 20 seconds to rest, then repeat! You’ll be seeing abs and slender sides and back in no time! Join us Mondays at 5pm for the party!

Core Flex w/ Kristie (Mondays – Stretch, Tuesdays – Light Cardio)

This class is mostly low impact or can be modified to take away stress on the joints. The class is created to be taken alone, or as the perfect compliment to all of your strength and intense cardio workouts. This class is designed to improve your balance, stability, flexibility and abdominal firmness. We work on trimming calories, hips, butt, lower back and waistline. The class includes an eclectic combination of cardio/strengthening circuits, flexibility moves, postural improvement, static holds, and ab/core strengthening.

Zumba w/ Kristen:

(from “The only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.” At the FFC, we have a wide range of abilities and fitness levels that participate in our Zumba class. This is a great way to get a workout and have fun doing it!

10:00 Walk w/ Jolene

Here at Frackville Fitness Center, we want to do the best we can for our community. Since the Schuylkill Mall was closed, many mall-walkers have been displaced. Please join us for our weekly “10:00 Walk” around town. This is free and open to anyone interested in joining us. Call for more info, or just show up for the next 10am Walk!

Trim the Turkey w/ Kristen

This is a 10 week class to get ready before we over-indulge at Thanksgiving! Come join us for an hour packed with combo cardio/ toning exercises. This is the perfect balance to keep your heart rate up for optimal calorie burn while building lean muscle and having FUN! Summer may be over but the turkey doesn’t have to win!

Back to Basics with Tanya

(All ages welcome!) Keep active and stay young at heart w/ a group fitness class especially designed w/ seniors in mind. Take a trip down memory lane as music from the past motivates you! Easy to follow, free standing, low impact cardiovascular choreography with total body strengthening (hand held weights & resistance tubing may be added).

Machine Education

This is offered to anyone with a membership who would like to learn to use cardio and weight machines properly. Stop in or call the office to schedule an appointment!